Mat & Roller Towel Services


Dust Control Mats

Between 70% and 80% of the dirt present in buildings is brought in on footwear. Dust-control mats attract and retain this dirt, preventing it from being spread throughout other parts of the premises, reducing cleaning costs and saving wear on other floor surfaces in the vicinity. The dust-control mat is exchanged either weekly or fortnightly with a fresh mat.


The dust-control mat selected for use by Buckleigh Linen Services has a successful market history and is proven to be excellent at collecting dirt whilst not appearing to be grubby. It is very hard-wearing and can be provided in a range of colours.


Roller Towels

Well-laundered cotton towels are an ideal solution for hand-drying in washrooms. Paper towels can create problems with disposal, and warm-air hand dryers are not universally popular. Towel cabinets are environmentally friendly and also highly suitable for garages and factories.


We install the cabinet on the customer’s premises and replace the towel(s) every week.