Industrial Clothing

The expenditure required to purchase company garments can be very high. Our hire and wash service for industrial clothing is suitable for both local garages and multi-national companies. This service is thus cost saving for the customer in capital outlay and, in many cases, servicing charges.


In addition, as legislation has developed to place more responsibility on the employer to ensure the safety and the protection of the workforce, we aim to advise each customer about the correct garments for their site operations so that they can meet these requirements.


Depending upon customer requirements we can provide Hi-Vis, flame protective, anti-static or ordinary garments, which are charged at a reasonable fee each week.


In addition to the health and safety aspects, garments can be marked with the company’s name and logo, the name of the employee and - where appropriate - his/her title.


We use a bar code system to keep track of all the garments and carry out stock checks to ensure customers have what they need.