Environmental Responsibility


Forward Thinking

Since 1893 Buckleigh has striven for efficiency in water and energy usage.


The laundry industry is one of the oldest methods of recycling and the company's slogan ‘All ways Green’ was adopted in 1996 and has been featured on the back of our fleet of vehicles since then.


Buckleigh has been recognized as one of the most energy-efficient laundries in the country. Originally all of the water used by Buckleigh came from its on-site well(s) which can still supply up to 100% of the water we use due to our constant water recycling. After recycling several times, the waste water is passed through a coil-in-tube heat exchanger which imparts the heat into the incoming clean water. This enables us to both utilise this resource most efficiently, and lower our energy usage.


The building itself is designed to make the best possible use of natural light and ventilation. We recycle waste paper, cardboard and plastic, while all of the chemicals we use are biodegradable.